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About us

Mixers and accessories "WasserKRAFT" are produced on modern factories outfitted with high-tech equipment. The company was established in 2004.  We constantly monitor quality of our products and use the most modern technological innovations that give us grounds for pride and confidence in our product quality. Materials which are used for producing WasserKRAFT mixers and accessories in contact with water even at high temperature do not isolate particles posed threat to health of people. All WasserKRAFT products compliant with international and European standards on durability, mechanical and chemical stability which is confirmed by certificates.


Mixers and shower systems are made of brass. Hand showers and shower heads are made of brass or ABS-plastic. Bath accessories are made of brass, polyresin, porcelain, ABS-plastic, stainless steel, zinc and other metal alloys. These materials are not suffered corrosion and intended for installation in places with high humidity and temperature differences. Items produced from these materials are characterized by strength and durability. Items made of metal and ABS-plastic pass galvanization process (lamination coating of chrome and nickel). Nickel-chrome plating is steady to fogging, can be easily cleaned and gives to WasserKRAFT items glossy shine. In all WasserKRAFT mixers are used ceramic cartridges and headworks, operational life of which is about 500 000 opening-closing cycles. It means that family of four will be able to use mixers during 20 years without any restrictions. Forms of accessories and mixers are created by top designers. They are a great combination of high functionality and interesting, modern design. Different collections and price levels are united by one thing - the absolute quality of "WasserKRAFT".



KRAFT" guarantees the quality of their products. The guarantee to mixers and accessories is 5 years.