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Aller 10671 Single-lever shower mixer
Series Aller 1060
Art. Aller 10671
Ceramic cartridge 40 mm, Sedal
Ceramic swing diverter
The set consists of
Concealed part
External part

Brass, nickel-chrome plating

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 3-way out diverter


Technical data:
Working pressure - 1-5 Bar
Max working pressure - 9 Bar
Рабочая температура - opt. 65°, max 90°
Operational life of cartridges and headworks is about 500 000 opening-closing cycles.

When cleaning the mixers, only use saponaceous (soap-based) agents.
! Never use abrasive or scouring powders, cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid or phosphoric acid.