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Faucets vary by purpose: faucets for washbasins, for a bathroom, with long or short spouts, faucets for a shower, kitchen or bidet. However, the main purpose for each unit is to make your life more comfortable. Choose the right products to create a comfortable bathroom that will read your mind.



Washbasin faucets
This type of faucet is installed directly on top of the washbasin or the countertop in the bathroom.
Bathroom and shower faucets
All WasserKRAFT collections feature bathroom and shower faucets. You can choose the appropriate product design for your bathroom interior.
Kitchen faucets
Kitchen faucets come in a multitude of options. The main selection criteria are practicality and convenience.
Bidet faucets
If you have a bidet installed in your bathroom, you must have a special faucet for it. It is installed in a special opening on the bidet. Make sure the faucet has a rotating silicone aerator so you can direct the water as you see fit.