This interior sits on a classical style foundation: muted neutral colors, and ergonomic placement of bathroom fixtures, accessories and furniture. As a rule, most accessories are located in the washbasin and bathtub zones. This is both functional and convenient, and at the same time, a great compositional solution. For symmetry, the accessories are placed on both sides of the mirror. This makes the interior look complete.
Use beige to make the atmosphere in the bathroom more comfortable. The combination of white and beige fills the space with light and visually expands it.
For a modern touch, use furniture in basic square shapes. This adds clarity.
Exter faucets and accessories are the icing on the cake in a modern interior. The contrast between the modern design and the classical bronze plating makes these items exclusive and unique.  The shapes of the faucets and accessories are also contradictory. We see simple, straight edges on the one hand and smooth flowing lines on the other. This makes the items look modern. Contradictions continue with unusual light bronze plating. Standard bronze is filed to make unusual textures full of numerous hues. This interweaves classical and modern styles, creating an elite exclusive interior.  
The collection of faucets and accessories in a light-bronze finish is a simple choice for any interior style, modern or classical.

Items used in the interior
Exter 1600 line of mixers

Exter K-5200 line of accessories