Water is the source of life on Earth, a symbol of perpetual movement. Water keeps many secrets and inspires people to learn how to harness water and its endless raging energy.
Since 2004, we have been designing faucets, shower systems and bathroom accessories. Over the years, our business philosophy has been reflected in the following principles:
Traditionally high quality.
We cherish traditions. One of them is the supreme quality of every WasserKRAFT product, which meets global standards and customer expectations.
Innovations are the way forward.
We understand that we have to move forward no matter what, like a stream that unveils new horizons. This is why we constantly improve our production processes, learn new technologies and implement innovative solutions to offer products that are unique in both shape and content.
Environmental responsibility.
We love and treasure water, and consider ourselves responsible for the world around us. Our company is deeply concerned about the environmental impact of our production processes and finished products. Human safety and environmental sustainability are among our top priorities.
Comfort is priceless.
To us, these are not just words, it’s an unbreakable bond: “We create the products – you enjoy the comfort.” We know better than anybody else that every element in your bathroom must be a source of pleasure while making the interior practical and functional.
Design inspired by nature.
Nature itself inspires the ideas for an optimal design. Our goal is to see these cues and to use them in designing unique products. We embody nature in our products.   
We create products for the people.
Our rule is: “Value above price.” We offer traditionally high quality that anyone can afford.