Series Exter 1600

Add a classical touch to a modern interior without sacrificing actual design with Exter faucets. Each element of this line has streamlined and classical shapes. Noble light bronze tint lends a touch of unique and individual style to your living space. 
WasserKRAFT offers comprehensive solutions for your bathroom. The Exter 1600 collection of faucets perfectly blends with the Exter K-5200 series of accessories with light bronze plating. Equip your bathroom interior with the maximum comfort and functionality while maintaining a single design concept. 
Take a look at a ready bathroom design project with the Exter collection.

Collection advantages

Mixers body

Mixers body is made of high-quality brass with copper content not less then 59%. Brass is the best material for producing body of mixer and characterized by strength and durability.

Light bronze plating

Mixers that require this kind of finish pass the bronze plating process. Whether the ultimate color will be lighter or darker depends on the exact proportion of metals in the alloy used during the process. Finally, accessories are polished and lacquered.

Ceramic cartridges 35 mm

We use ceramic cartridges Sedal (Spain) with a diameter of 35 mm. Operational life of cartridges in WasserKRAFT mixers is about 500 000 opening-closing cycles. It means that family of four will be able to use mixers during 20 years without any restrictions.

Ceramic swing diverter

For switching water to shower or spout rotate the diverter by 90 degrees. Ceramic swing diverter is operates at zero pressure.

Aerators Neoperl CASCADE (Germany)

Aerator provides a splash-free and well aerated stream and saves 10% of water consumption. We use silicone and plastic aerators Neoperl CASCADE .

Flexible hose Sedal (Spain)

Flexible hose Sedal (Spain) with a length of 37cm (without rod) and connecting thread G3/8.

3-spray hand shower

3-spray hand shower with anti-lime system.

Smooth regulation by handle

Russian and European standards

All WasserKRAFT mixers compliant with Russian and European standards on durability, mechanical and chemical stability which is confirmed by certificates of GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity, Hygiene Certificate.


The guarantee on mixers is valid for  5  (five) years.

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