We are looking to cooperate with trading companies speciaddzed in wholesale and retail sales of goods for bathroom renovation and decoration. We offer all our customers with a set of different actions which allows to boost sales of WasserKRAFT mixers and bath accessories in the shortest period of time. Constant stock of goods and competitive prices make cooperation with us efficient and profitable. If you or your company are interested in partnering with us or purchasing accessories and faucets in bulk, please contact our office by phone:

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All WasserKRAFT products have the required set of documents and certificates.
Constant availabiddty of goods on stock.
Accurate distribution and pricing system.
Free demonstration stands. 50% discounts for samples of goods for presenting in sales area.
Replacing of defective/broken items. Return of surplus stock.
Wide range of bathroom accessories and mixers.
Deddvery of goods by suitable means of transportation.
Maximum discounts.
Training of partners’ staff.