Water, lime are not the best environment even for the most reliable and qualitative platings.
Periodically, it is still necessary to care of integrity and appearance of the coatings. If you want to enjoy your accessories for many years, you should take into consideration the following:
• Do not use cleaning agents containing organic solvents, abrasive and corrosive substances;
• For regular cleaning of mixers plating use neutral liquid detergents. These are soapy water and many dishwashing detergents.
In some cases warm water, suds and dry towel are all you need to preserve the original appearance of products.
Chrome plating does not withstand phosphoric acid and chlorine compounds.
These are, for example:
• Aluminum chloride.
• Hydrochloric acid and its derivatives (first of all it is used as a component of detergents to eliminate lime scale).
• Various cleaning agents containing chlorine, acid and alkaline detergents.
• Salty water.
• Cleaning agents containing spirit are not suitable for acrylic surfaces.
Shower enclosure. Maintenance.
Clean the glass, wall profiles and all the parts of the shower enclosure with neutral liquids. Never use abrasive cleansers, metal brushes or scrapers that could scratch or dull the surface.
Rinse and wipe of the glass using either soft cloth or squeegee to prevent water stains and spots.