Information about Built-in products


WasserKRAFT Built-in products pass galvanization process (lamination coating of chrome and nickel). Nickel-chrome plating is steady to fogging, can be easily cleaned and gives to mixers glossy shine and silver color.

We also use “matt chrome” (satin) plating. “Matt chrome” (satin) plating is made by special brushes with diamond bristles that allow achieving satin smooth surface. Then items are lacquered and satin plating becomes smooth and glossy. “Matt chrome” (satin) plating is very practical. On such plating you will never see dry stains from water.

Light bronze plating. Built-in products that require this kind of finish pass the bronze plating process. Whether the ultimate color will be lighter or darker depends on the exact proportion of metals in the alloy used during the process. Finally, accessories are polished and lacquered.

Soft-touch coating. Matt black soft-touch coating is applied to the products by galvanic process. Special color and tactile softness are achieved by using electrolytes containing nickel. The coating is durable, easy to clean and velvet to touch.


PVD finish.
The product is cleaned and placed in a vacuum, where it is coated by means of vapor condensation. In this case, the vapor condensate contains particles of various metals as needed to obtain the desired color. Then it is covered by a protective varnish and sent for drying. WasserKRAFT faucets use four types of PVD finish: gun metal, brushed gold, polished black and polished gold.


Products for built-in systems are made of brass, stainless steel and ABS plastic depending on the product type.



Built-in products

Built-in mixers. There are in-line mixers different in their purposes. The range includes bath and shower mixers, basin mixers, shower mixers with and without sanitary hygienic heads. We offer one, two and three water outlet built-in mixers, with a standard or thermostatic cartridge.


Wall-mounted bath spouts. The spouts use built-in plastic or silicone aerators for even distribution of the jet.


Installation of hose. Standard G1/2 thread for connection.


Upper shower spouts. Required to connect the ceiling shower head. These spouts can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, depending on the model. 


Sanitary hygienic heads. Nozzles with limescale protection system. Versatile yet practical solution for a modern bathroom. 


Shower hoses. Hoses are available in different sizes: 100 cm to 175 cm. 
You can choose a metal braided hose or a PVC hose for your preference. 


Ceiling shower head. Air being drawn through the slots mixes with water and provides a widely dispersed stream. This creates an authentic rain effect. The wider the area of the shower head and the greater the number of nozzles is, the softer the water droplets are.


Wall-mounted shower head holder. For your convenience you can choose a swivel or fixed bracket. 


Shower heads. Various switch modes: push-button, lever or wheel. There can be one to five modes in the head.  



Before the wall finishing, concealed mixers must be tested.
In order to do this you should turn on the water. This simple test can show you defects and possible leaking problems. Please check each centimeter of the concealed system and pay careful attention to the connections.
We also recommend to leave the pipeline under water pressure for 1-3 days.
If during this period there was not found any leaking, you can start the wall finishing



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